Patricia Delaney


Trompe l'oeil Gallery


Mural Gallery 1 (Residential)

Marble Columns, Bricks, Decorative

Mural Gallery 3 (Art for Children)

Faux Gallery

Furniture and Cabinets

Canvas Mats/Wall Hangings


Client Work Board





Canvas mats and wall hangings can be any size to suit the client.  Pricing is based on size and detail of work, ranging from $15-50/sf.  The mats are sealed with varnish to ensure durability.  See Mural Gallery 3 for picture of wall hanging for child's room.

I communicate with long distance clients via internet and email, providing sketches and progress photos for the clients review.  Mats and wall hangings can be easily shipped.









Christmas Mats:

Macy's Christmas Balls, Poinsettias



Three Snowmen, Christmas Angel, Christmas Balls



Bones and Balls








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